At Heather Brae our baked treats are made with skill and care from the finest ingredients using our traditional recipes. Each treat is crammed with quality inclusions such as large chunks of chocolate, fresh nuts or chewy moist fruits. Some blended with a hint of aromatic spices to create a divine explosion of flavour with every mouth watering bite. We often hand dip our treats in rich chocolate or healthy yoghurt for an added explosion of flavour or goodness. Our neenish tarts have a history almost as long as the original Australian classic, “The first known mention of the Australian Neenish Tart was in the Melbourne Argus Newspaper in 1924. Our Neenish Tart is based on a family recipe from the 1930’s.” Click here for a history of this iconic Australian tart. We bake a range of decadent treats for cafes and the finest gourmet stores .We bake quality treats for food service and retailers and also supply a range of delicious in store bakery products. We proudly contract bake for some of Australia's leading brands. Click here for a brochure on our new Cafe cookie