Meet Maria Jose Ramos

Supporting the Community

For many years Heather Brae Shortbreads has supported the local community by offering internships to selected students from the Food Science & Technology Degree at RMIT University. The students get to work with the Product Development and QA Team. Some of their projects include NPD process, production trials, QA Documentation, artwork & working with our customers & suppliers.

Meet Maria Jose Ramos (QA Intern)

My name is Maria and I am from a tiny but beautiful country named Guatemala!. I have almost finished my internship at Heather Brae Shortbreads. I have been working as part of the Product Development Team and it has been such an adventure.  I enjoy the music playing in the kitchen while my mentor Shane and I develop the ideas that later become super products.  Behind every product, there are ideas, passion, love, and hard work from the developer, and that is why I love to be a Product Developer (it is such a rollercoaster). 

I started my career a few years ago in my country.  I am a Chemical Engineer and one day I dreamt of completing my Masters in Food Science & Technology at RMIT University in Melbourne.  I worked hard to make my dream come true and here I am living it.  

My mantra is “live every day as it was your last day” That is why the Heather Brae Team sometimes catch me singing, dancing, and always laughing.  My Mentor calls me Maria the Crazy Mexican!!

Apart from being a Product Developer, I also love sports and adventure. I play Softball, and my favourite positions are first base and catcher.  I am an adrenaline addict and I am always seeking great adventures (Australia is a fantastic place for this). Melbourne has taught me more than anything about life, and I will always be thankful for this opportunity. 

My internship is almost finished, but I have created such a special bond with the Heather Brae Team! I want to continue as a Product Developer all my life!  

My dream is to create products with a meaning that can help consumer health and wellbeing.